Drill bits trouble

TroublePossible CauseHou to do
Drill breaks

Spring or back lash in press or work

Too little lip relief

Speed too low in proportion to the feed

Dull drill

Improper chip clearing


Test press and work for rigidity and alignement

Regrind properly

Increase speed or decrease feed

Sharpen drill

Correct application


Outer Corner


Material being drilled has hard sports.

Scale or sand inclusion

Too much speed

Improper cutting compound

Correct application


Reduce speed

Use proper cutting compound

Drill breaks in

Brass or Wood

Chip clpg up flutes

Increase speed.Use drills designed for these materials.

Cutting  Lips Chipped

Too much feed

Too much lip relief

Reduce feed

Regrind properly

Cracking or Checking in

cutting Edges

Heated and cooled too quickly

While grinding or while drilling

Too much feed

Warm slowly before using.Do not throw cold

Water on lot drill while grinding or drilling.

Redece feed

Hole Too Large

Unequal angle or length of the cutting

Edges or both

Loose spindle

Regrind properly

Test spindle for rigidity

Only One Lip cutting

Drill splits up cener

Unequal length or angle of cutting lips or both

Too little lip relief

Too much feed

Regrind drill properly

Regrind  with proper relief

Reduce feed

Rough Hole

Rough Hole

Dull or improperly ground drill

Lack of lubricant or wrong lubricant

Improper set-up

Too much feed

Regrind properly

Lubricate or change lubricant

Check set-up

Redece feed