SDS Plus Drill Bit

Product Description

 Drilling in hard materials like concerte and brick in construction & installation industries

1. Material: YG8C tip, 40Cr for drill shank and body
2. Flutes: single flute and double flutes
3. Surface treatment: dark , normal and bright sandblast
4. Tip shape: flat head, 
5.  Cross head makes the holes rounder like LCA05-08


SDS-PLUS Shank Electric Hammer Drill
SpecificationUnit Price(FOB,USD)SpecificationUnit Price(FOB,USD)SpecificationUnit Price(FOB,USD)
Dia X Length (mm)Flat HeadCross HeadDia X Length (mm)Flat HeadCross HeadDia X Length (mm)Flat HeadCross Head
6X110  12x800  18x800  
6X160  12x1000  18x1000  
6X210  14x160  20x210  
6X260  14x210  20x260  
8X110  14x260  20x310  
8X160  14x310  20x350  
8X210  14x350  20x400  
8X260  14x400  20x460  
8X310  14x460  20x600  
8X350  14x600  20x800  
8X460  14x800  20x1000  
10X110  14x1000  22x210  
10X160  16x160  22x260  
10X210  16x210  22x310  
10X260  16x260  22x350  
10X310  16x310  22x400  
10X350  16x350  22x460  
10X400  16x400  22x600  
10X460  16x460  22x800  
10X600  16x600  22x1000  
12X110  16x800  25x210  
12X160  16x1000  25x260  
12X210  18x210  25x310  
12X260  18x260  25x350  
12X310  18x310  25x400  
12X350  18x350  25x460  
12X400  18x400  25x600  
12X460  18x460  25x800  
12X600  18x600  25x1000