Applications: It is mainly used to produce drill,tap,turning tool saw bit and high efficiency wood tool.


Characteristic: It is an economical low alloy high-speed steel with good ren hardness ,good toughness and thermal plasticity.It is generally used under soft and moderate intensity metal.


Chemiacl Composition:(%) 4241  C:0.92 W:2.15 Mo:1.10 Cr:4.25  V:0.90 Mn:0.325 Si:1.00 P≤0.03 S≤0.02

                                                4341   C:0.88 W:4.00 Mo:3.00 Cr:4.10 V:1.50 Mn:0.300 Si:0.85 P≤0.03 S≤0.02

Delivery status: Soft annealed max.255HB


Heat Treatment:

Hardening Temperature:1150-1180℃

Quenching Medium:oil&salt bath

Tempering Temperature:540-560℃

Tempering Times:3 times

Tempering Hardness:62-64HRC