A Brief History Of PDC Drill Bits Development

                 In the production technology of PDC is not mature, or the PDC bit is just beginning to develop a period of time before, there are manufacturers with carbide-free substrate of polycrystalline diamond to replace the natural large-grained diamond to make the table-mounted bit. The shape of the poly-Crystal has a cone-shaped cylindrical, triangular-shaped, round-shaped and rectangular, block-shaped, etc., such as GE's Geoset, Fomset, De Beers, Syndax3 and the TSP of Zhengzhou Three mills, their common characteristics are high temperature stability, that is, the high-temperature resistance to 1000, can be directly sintered from the tungsten carbide powder is not bonded to the composition of a bit of the crown as drilling teeth, crushing and cutting strata.Drill Bits

                1969-1975 years Zhengzhou Three mills respectively produced several different diameters of JR20SN 12 poly crystals, first used for the diameter of the impregnated bit and reaming device manufacturing, drilling into the strata under level 7 of the mine and then making the oil scraper bit with 6x 6mm Poly Crystal, testing in Shengli oil field, taking the deep 2400m of the same well as an example, each well can save 1.1 ~ 12,000 Yuan and save 78% of the time compared to the cemented carbide scraper bit. The Poly-crystal scraper bit is more than 50% and the drilling time is reduced by 5-8 days compared with the roller bit. In addition 1. The geologic coring bit, reaming device and 2. The 5 X 5mm of 8x5mm crystals are used in metallurgy, coalfield and geologic-impregnated bit, and the effect is similar to that of natural diamond.Drill Bits

                Before the development of PDC in our country in the early 80 's, 6 X 6mm has been used extensively in oil and natural gas drilling coring bit and watermelon skin type. Triangular block-shaped polycrystalline has also been used in a large number of hard and hard strata (such as limestone, dolomite), slightly abrasive strata of coring or fully drilling bit. Since the production of PDC in 90, polycrystalline synthetic diamond gradually withdrew from the drilling market and replaced by PDC.Drill Bits