A Detailed Introduction To Optical Lenses

     The optical lens can be divided into short focal lens, Energizer lens and telephoto lens from focal length; standard, telephoto lens, structure on the fixed light delineated focal lens, manual light delineation focal lens, automatic light delineation focal lens, manual zoom lens, Automatic zoom lens, automatic aperture electric zoom lens, electric three variable (aperture, focal length, focus is variable) lens.Optical Lenses
     Traditional film is sensitive to ultraviolet rays, often need to install UV mirror, and the CCD is sensitive to infrared, the lens added special coating or plus filter will greatly improve imaging quality. The lens of the physical aperture is also must be considered, and regardless of its relative caliber, the larger the physical caliber, the greater the luminous flux, digital camera to the light of the reception and control will be better, the better the quality of imaging.Optical Lenses
     Commercial or domestic digital camera lens, some manufacturers use relatively good lenses. The Fuji Camera uses a 170-line/millimeter-resolution professional Fuji-Dragon Lens, a built-in new Fuji-Dragon lens that is clearer than most SLR lenses. Not only the accuracy of the image to ensure the quality of the shot, and the lens error rate reached an astonishing 0.3%, compared to the average digital camera 2/3 lower.Optical Lenses
     In the traditional digital camera, the wide-angle lens is a camera lens with a focal length shorter than the standard lenses, a visual angle larger than the standard lens, a fish-eye lens and a visual angle less than the fisheye lens. Optical Lenses
     Angle is divided into common wide-angle lens and the first two kinds of super-convex lenses. 135 Camera general wide-angle lens with a focal length of 38-24 mm, angle 60-84 degrees, the super wide-angle lens with a focal length of 20-13 mm, angle of 94-118 degrees. Because the focal length of the wide-angle lens is short and the angle is large, it can be taken to a larger area within the short range of shooting distance. So, widely used in large-scene wind photography.Optical Lenses