Aluminum Cutting Saw Blade Selection

1, the choice of materials: aluminium blades with carbide wood cutting machine, good equipment is made of tungsten alloy, aluminum cutting machine of our company adopts Taiwan mount saw blade, the blade is a Germany steel and Luxembourg steel cast from.

2, the selection of saw blade diameter: in the case of the same thickness, blade diameter determines the size of cutting production, small diameter low yield, whereas large-diameter, high yield, depending on the outside diameter of saw blade circular sawing machines model selection using a consistent diameter of saw blade. Standard diameter: 110MM mm (4 inch), 150MM (6), 180MM (7), 200MM (8), 230MM (9), 250MM (10-inch), 300MM (12-inch), 350MM (14), 400MM (16), 450MM (18), 500MM (20), and so on.