Application Of Carbide Drill Bit In The Market

     Now on the market, the alloy bit is generally tungsten steel quality of the whole bit, although the same material, but due to the reasons for processing technology, the different brands of product quality difference. The imported and homemade alloy drill bits vary widely. The imported alloy bits are generally used in VHM micro-grain hard alloy (ISO K40), and the Ultrafine particle type (0.6µm) is ideally combined with hardness and toughness in the application of high performance drills and common milling machines. High-quality alloy bit surface will take the coating treatment, such as aluminum nitride chromium (ALCRN) coating, the coating for single-layer coating, thickness 4μm, micro-hardness up to 3200HV, 0.35 friction coefficient, thermal stability of 1100 degrees Celsius. The color of the bit is bluish gray after coating.Carbide Drill Bit
    After coating, the alloy bit can process low alloy steel and high strength steels. High hardness steel can reach 54HRC. The length of the drill is 3 times times, 5 times times, 8 times times and 12 times times the diameter, and there are two forms (8 times times and 12 times times in the inner cooling form) with inner cooling and no inner cooling. Carbide Drill Bit
    The groove of a multi edge drill is a straight groove, and the so-called multi blade means that the blade has a support blade on its back to improve the orientation of the borehole. With through the cooling hole, the length of the diameter is 3 times times, 5 times times, 7 times times and 12 times times four species, in addition, also has a special purpose for tapping before drilling the form of the step. 3 slot bit for 140° angle, ultra-fine cemented carbide without coating or with tin, TIALN coating, there is through the cooling hole, can be used for drilling or expansion, processing gray cast iron, malleable iron, steel, cast steel, Ni-cr, heat-resisting metal and non-metallic materials.Carbide Drill Bit
    The alloy bit is generally refers to the cemented carbide bit, the integral type, the welding type, the indexable blade type and the exchangeable head. Cemented carbide is mainly composed of tungsten carbide, cobalt, etc., hardness is relatively high in general in the HRC90 degree above, in the batch processing and hard to process the situation is more applicable! Self-grinding cemented carbide bits are commonly used in small section of needle shape (φ=2 mm; h=10~15 mm) cemented carbide cutting tools are sintered with fusible metal (fe70%, cu30%), and the needle-shaped cutting tool is wrapped by a carcass; a flake cutting tool (1 mm x5 mm x20 mm) The steel sheet is supported to enhance its bending resistance.Carbide Drill Bit
    As the wrapped metal or supporting metal in the drill bit is sharpened before the cutting tool, a small section of the cutting tool is continuously exposed to break down the rock strata. Self-grinding drill bit is suitable for hard and abrasive, and the drillability of fracture development is Ⅵ~ⅷ grade strata. The needle-like alloy in the figure is ll~13, with a needle diameter of 2 mm. The inserts are embedded directly in the end of the bit body, and the needle-like cemented carbide bit with $number mm is higher.Carbide Drill Bit