Characteristics, Reasonable Selection And Improvement Of Wear Resistance Of Wood Cutting Blade

              Characteristics of woodworking Cutters: most woodworking cutters work in discontinuous cutting bodies, and wood is an uneven anisotropic material, which makes the cutting speed of woodworking cutters is much higher than that of metal cutting tools, and the impact is also greater than that of metal cutting tools.Wood Cutting Blade

             Reasonable choice of woodworking tools: the hardness, strength and toughness of Shan tool materials must conform to the characteristics of woodworking tools Shan the performance of tool materials, the characteristics of the system, comprehensive, comprehensive analysis and research. Shan must meet the requirements of production, installation and tool manufacturing process Shan in order to save the precious metal material and economic rationality, the general tool cutting part and the cutter body can use different materials, through the welding or mechanical clamping way combination Wood Cutting Blade

              The way to improve the wear resistance of tool: Shan to improve the ability of tool resistance to mechanical abrasion and wear Shan to improve tool corrosion resistance. The specific method is: Shan surface heat Treatment: through the proper surface heat treatment, can make the structure of metal change, improve the surface hardness of the tool, increase wear resistance. Shan Infiltration layer technology: A chemical heat treatment method to change the chemical composition of the tool surface and to improve the abrasion resistance and corrosion resistance of the tool. Shan Coating Technology: Its adaptability is very strong, not subject to the size and volume of the limit, in iron, plastic, graphite and so on can be electroplating. Shan Thermal Spraying treatment: the use of gas, liquid fuel or arc, plasma arc as a heat source, metal, alloy, carbide and other spraying materials heated to the melting state or semi-molten state favorite, through the high-speed airflow to the atomization, spraying, deposition to the surface of the preprocessed workpiece to form a solid surface layer attached to the method. Shan Coating technology: divided into chemical vapor deposition, physical vapor deposition, and plasma-enhanced chemical deposition. High-speed steel tool blade grinding can be used corundum sand, can also be used white corundum grinding wheel or chrome steel jade grinding wheel. Carbide tool sharpening with green silicon carbide (cheap, silica and petroleum coke as raw material) or synthetic diamond grinding wheel.Wood Cutting Blade