Correlation Energy Information Of Wood Cutting Blade

Drum-cutting machine. Mainly used for cutting the diameter or thickness of the branches below 120 mm, footpath wood, veneer, lath, etc., cutting wood, used as fibreboard, pulp raw materials. Its cutting mechanism is a rotating drum, above the installation of a number of flying knives, knife rotation when the wood into process wood.Wood Cutting Blade 

There are many square holes on the rim of the drum wheel, which can smooth out the wood chips; feed mechanism by feeding interface, the upper and lower feed roller and feed gap mechanism, from the feed interface into the wood is up and down the feed roller pressure, and at a certain speed to the cutting mechanism, to control the size of cutting wood, in the processing of thick wood, by the feed clearance mechanism to adjust.Wood Cutting Blade 

After the wood chips are screened, the larger of the blades must be smashed into between the blade and the baffle plate. The chip cutting machine is of low quality.Wood Cutting Blade

Development trend the manufacture of wood chipper in countries all over the world is now paying attention to improving the cutting mechanism, the quality of the blades and the method of loading, in order to reduce the grinding and card-changing time. The decrease of world forest resources has promoted the development of moving chipper in cutting area, and the application of cutting area joint chipper and whole-tree cutting machine will further improve the economic effect.

Disk-type cutting machine. By the knife plate, cutting knife, bottom knife, blade, such as blades. The front side of the cutter has a groove for installing cutting blades and is arranged along the radial 10°~15°. A wedge-shaped adjustment block is arranged on the bottom of the blade to adjust the extension of the blade, and the rear part is fitted with a pitch pad to adjust the compensation length of the blade after sharpening Wood Cutting Blade

In the knife plate along the direction of the blade through the gap, cutting the wood can be transferred to the other side of the knife plate. The blade is evenly configured on the outer rim of the blade, and the airflow from the blades will be blown out by the discharging port, filtered and smashed into the crushing machine. The machine has 3 kinds of knives, knives and helical face knives, the first two cutting wood uniformity is poor, helical face cutter disc chipper because in the cutting process in all the cutting surface contact with the knife plate, unit pressure is small, wood cutting cut neatly, small pieces of wood, knife plate wear less, cutting into the length of the wood chip, Cutting rate of wood chips can reach about 97%.Wood Cutting Blade