Development Of Wood Saw Blade

               The development of large woodworking cutting operations follows the requirements of economic and social development, and higher productivity needs better performance. Especially for particleboard, anti-fold special board, calcium sulfate board, such as high density, high hardness of sheet metal cutting operations, the traditional carbide saw blades are limited, in the service life and cutting consistency of the operational efficiency can not meet the requirements of the large wood industry, which requires a more high-performance woodworking saw blades to solve these problems.Wood Saw Blade

               Diamond saw blade is a cutting tool, widely used in concrete, refractories, stone, ceramics and other hard and brittle materials processing. Diamond saw blades are mainly composed of two parts, the Matrix and the cutter head. The matrix is the main supporting part of the bonding tool head, while the cutter head is the part of the cutting in the process of use, the knife head will be in use and constantly consumed, and the matrix will not, the knife can play the role of cutting because it contains diamond, diamond as the most hard material at present, it in the cutter head friction cutting is processed object. Diamond particles are wrapped in metal inside the head.Wood Saw Blade

               PCD Composite Diamond saw Blade has become the most hard material of cutting tools, wood cutting tool to become a leader in the work of the super hard performance and durability is the bane of wood materials. Diamond saw Blade, Vickers hardness 10000HV, strong acid resistance, the edge is not easy to passivation, processing wood a times molding quality, high wear resistance, compared to cemented carbide more wear-resistant, for particleboard, MDF, wood flooring, veneer and other cutting processing time can reach 300-400 hours, the maximum use of scrap time can reach 4000 hours/tablets, compared with cemented carbide blades, longer life, and processing efficiency and processing accuracy is to achieve the optimal quality of demand, is a shrewd choice for woodworking operations.Wood Saw Blade