Drill Bits And Its Advantages

Cemented carbide teeth are the main components of the broken rock of the cone bit, and also the main influence factors of the drilling speed of the cone bit. In the process of using the cone bit, the damage of cemented carbide teeth is the main failure reason of the drill bit. To this end, we must improve the efficiency of the broken rock and prolong the life of cemented carbide teeth. In order to achieve this goal, we can improve from both material and structural aspects. Drill Bits For improving the structure of cemented carbide tooth and improving the efficiency of rock breaking, it is necessary to consider its stress. Here, we use the Abaqus software to analyze different cemented carbide teeth under the same force condition, and get the deformation and force in the tooth, which provides a theoretical basis for improving tooth profile.Drill Bits

In the drilling process, the life of the cone bit depends mainly on the life of cemented carbide teeth, how to improve the life of cemented carbide teeth, but also the purpose of our project, our research is mainly from the structure of the teeth into the hand. How to improve the shape of cemented carbide teeth, improve the efficiency of rock breaking, we have to start from the stress analysis of cemented carbide teeth. Due to the complexity of cemented carbide tooth profile and force, it is more effective to analyze the internal force of cemented carbide teeth by finite element method. In this paper, three kinds of cemented carbide teeth are analyzed by finite element analysis software Abaqus.Drill Bits

The advantage of this drill is that the hole is easy to open, it is not easy to drill, the hole is round, the drilling speed is higher, and the amount of coarse-grained cuttings increases, the crushing ratio is low, the dust concentration of the working face is lower, the consumption of cemented carbide is less, and the cost of the grinding is lower, but the diameter of the borehole is not less Because of its unique superiority, this kind of drill bit is being used more and more on site.Drill Bits