Drill Bits Which A Few Kinds Points?

Drill Bits The drill is a rotating and head-end with cutting ability tools, generally carbon steel SK or High-speed steel SKH2, SKH3 and other materials, by milling or rolling after quenching heat treatment after grinding, used for metal or other materials drilling. Its use range is very wide, can be used in drilling machine, lathe, milling machine, hand drill and other tools to use. Drill bits can be classified into the following categories according to different types:

Drill Bits Category A, according to construction

1, Integral drill bit: drill top, drill body, drill handle is made from the same material as a whole.

2, End solder drill bits: The top part of the drill is welded by carbide.

b, Drill Bits according to drill use your phone classification

1, Drill Bits straight shank drill: bit diameter in φ 13.0mm under the use of a straight handle.

2, Taper shank Drill: Bit shank for taper shape, generally the taper of the use of Morse taper.

C, Drill Bits classified by use

1, center drill: Generally used for drilling before hitting the center point, the front-end cone has 60 °, 75 °, 90 ° and so on.

2, Twist drill: The most widely used drill bits in industrial manufacturing.

3, Drill Bits Ultra hard drill bits: The front end of the body or all of the superhard alloy cutter material, so that the processing of drilling materials.

4, Oil hole Drill: Drill body has two small holes, the cutting agent through this small hole to reach the cutting edge part to take away the heat and chips, use this drill bit general work to rotate the bit static.

5, Drill Bits Deep hole drill: The earliest used for the barrel and stone guarantee drilling, also known as the barrel drill bit. The deep hole drill is straight groove, and the One-fourth strong parts are removed in the circular tube to produce the cutting edge.

6, Bit reamer: The front-end for the drill, the back end is reamer. Bit diameter and reamer diameter only difference hinge hole margin, also have drill bits in screw tapping mixed use, it is also known as mixing drill bits.

7, Taper Drill: The taper drill is used when machining the die feed inlet.

8, Drill Bits cylindrical hole drill: We call it a sinking-head milling cutter, the front end of the drill bit is smaller in diameter.

9, Cone drill bit: For drilling taper hole use, its front-end angle has 90 °, 60 ° etc. The chamfer knife we use is one of the cone drill bits.

10, Drill Bits Triangle Drill: A drill used in the drill bits, its drill handle made of triangular surface so that the chuck can be sure to fix the drill bit.