Drilling Bit

                   The utility model discloses a drill bit for directional drilling, which belongs to the drilling bit of oil and gas and geological exploration in the field of drilling technology, which aims to provide a bit for directional drilling and to improve the efficiency of the drill bit without sacrificing the tool surface stability of conventional directional drills. The technical scheme is as follows: including the joint thread and the bit body, and the outer surface of the bit body crown is distributed with a number of blades. The main cutting unit and the auxiliary cutting unit are installed on each blade wing, and a drain groove is formed between the two adjacent blades, and a water hole nozzle is arranged in the chip slot, and the diameter of the upper shoulder of the blade is the step-type maintenance path. The utility model is suitable for a directional drilling bit used in the process of petroleum and natural gas and geological prospecting.Drill Bits

                   The rotational power of the drill bit is from two parts: 1, the torque of the turntable; 2. The torque provided by the Downhole hydraulic power drill (screw drill). Most of the gravity of the drill is on a large hook, a small portion of it is pressed on the drill bit, and the part of the gravity that is applied to the drill bit is called drilling pressure. In addition to the mechanical rock of the drill, there is the hydraulic fracturing effect of the high speed jet formed by the drilling fluid at the Casson of the bit at high pressure. Drilling fluid is called the blood of drilling, its role can carry cuttings, the transmission of hydraulic power, cooling drilling tools, in the wellbore formation of mud cake to reduce friction. Therefore, a good drilling fluid can greatly improve the drilling speed and reduce the incidence of underground accidents. The most important is that each type of drill has the maximum torque, normal drilling process will not exceed that value.Drill Bits

                   First of all the weight of the drill is very large, casually hundreds of tons, but most of the weight is fixed by the rig traction rope, that is, most of the force is dispersed in the derrick. Second, the torque problem, because the general drill bit is followed by a reaming device, the diameter will be larger than the drill pipe. So the drill pipe is not rubbing against the wellbore. So the torque is only the friction between the diffuser and the wall and the drill bit and the bottom of the hole. All drilling fluids need to use a drilling fluid (mixing mud) to use high-pressure mud pump to inject holes from the drill pipe to the ground, the main role is the cooling bit to bring out debris and lubrication hole wall, to prevent excessive torque.Drill Bits