Forklift Driver Stole Warehouse Expensive Saw Blade Fence A Year Later And Was Caught

A few days ago, hengyuan linyi County Public Security Bureau police station police captured a planning of the employees, the employees a year ago to steal two saw blades in a warehouse, wanted to hide at home in a year's time, people forget about it and then sell out, but when you contact the buyer out of the bag, police posing as businessmen will be arrested.

The case also have said a year ago, linyi County in a company warehouse, warehouse manager suddenly found two fewer large blade used to cut product, at the police station to report a case to the constant source of enterprises, according to the police investigation, did not obtain valuable clues. Police concluded the case should be internal employees, but after investigation and did not find a modus operandi of suspected persons, until this year, the company received a phone call from Yunnan, a turning point in the case.