Granite Circular Saw Blade How To Maintain

Granite Circular Saw Blade At present, granite circular saw blades have been widely used in civil and civil engineering, stone processing, transportation industry, automotive industry, geological prospecting and other fields. One of the most common is a granite circular saw blade.

Granite Circular Saw Blade In the process of wholesale use of granite circular saw blades, the problem of granite particles is prone to shedding, which actually reflects the insufficient ability of the carcass to inlay granite particles. Granite Circular saw blade prices are very inexpensive and small manufacturers to produce this kind of shedding will be more serious.

Granite Circular saw blades are the control force that we often say, it is the key to influence the use performance and working life of granite circular saw blade, is a professional R & D and manufacturing sharp wear-resistant granite circular saw blade manufacturer, 25 in improving the body of the granite particles control force has a breakthrough research results.

Granite Circular Saw Blade Through the modification of the raw materials and the surface metallization of granite, adding a strong carbide forming element, using the pre alloy powder technology to add rare earth elements and non-metallic additives, selecting a new process or optimizing the production process of granite circular saw blade tire Control Force, the tire body and granite synchronous abrasion, saw blade high performance and longevity.

Granite Circular Saw Blade The following points should be noticed in the maintenance of granite circular saw blades:

1. Granite Circular Saw Blade After the consumer buys a granite circular saw blade, if not used at that time, must not use the hand to touch the granite circular saw blade on the knife head, because the manufacturer usually spray a layer of antirust paint on the top of the knife, if it is easy to peel the antirust paint by hand, it will expose the knife head of the granite circular saw to the air and oxidation, which will lead to rust, affecting the appearance of the granite circular saw blade.

2. Granite Circular Saw Blade When we buy a granite circular saw blade, be sure to pay attention to light, because the heavy fall will inevitably lead to the blade deformation, and even granite circular saw blade head is not all on the same level, so when we cut stone, granite circular saw blade is curved, not only affect the quality of saw blade, but also can not cut good stone.

3. Granite Circular Saw Blade When used in granite circular saw blade, should protect the substrate, light take care, must not fall, because the granite circular saw blade substrate is can be reused, if the substrate deformation will not weld the knife head, maintain good substrate is the equivalent of cheap to buy a new saw blade.