Imaging Introduction Of Optical Lenses

    The so-called focus system, simple to say with the human eye's physiological function is similar, is a kind of imitation human eye function module. For digital cameras, low end digital cameras are used autofocus system, some high-end professional cameras using manual focus system.Optical Lenses

    Autofocus technology is one of the key technologies of computer vision and various imaging systems, and it is widely used in digital cameras, digital cameras and other imaging systems. The traditional autofocus technique uses ranging method, that is, by measuring the distance of the object, the image distance or focal length of the system is obtained by the lens equation to adjust the system to the accurate focusing state. With the development of modern computing technology and the maturity of digital image processing theory, autofocus has entered into a new digital era, more and more autofocus methods are based on image processing theory to analyze and calculate the image information, then drive the motor according to the control strategy and adjust the system to focus accurately.Optical Lenses

    A typical autofocus system should have the following elements: Imaging optics lens Group, imaging device, autofocus unit, Lens drive unit. The imaging Optics Lens group comprises an optical filter, a zoom lens group and a focus lens group, and the imaging device is a CMOS (CCD) Digital image sensor, which outputs the digital image information; The autofocus unit is composed of DSP chip as the core device, and the image information is collected, calculated Optical Lenses

    The selection of control strategies and the generation of control signals are all carried out in this unit. The Lens Drive unit comprises a stepper motor and its driving circuit, which is controlled by the autofocus unit, which drives the zoom lens group and the Focus Lens group in the imaging Optics lens group to adjust position, and finally the image sensor outputs an accurate focusing image.Optical Lenses