Industry Application Of Drill Bits

     Bit is one of the important tools for oil drilling, and it plays an important role in the selection of drilling technology to determine whether the drill bit is suitable for the quality of the rock. Especially for drilling quality, drilling speed, drilling costs have a huge impact, PDC bit is a widely used in oil and gas exploration and development industry, a kind of tool, it effectively improve the mechanical drilling tools, shorten the drilling cycle.Drill Bits
     The drill is the main part of the drilling equipment, its main role is to break the rock, forming the wellbore. Rotary bit is widely used in the oil industry at present, the rotary bit in the driving force will produce rotation, thus driving the whole bit to produce centripetal motion, and through the erosion, grinding to make the rock crack oil drilling mark and broken, play the role of downward drilling.Drill Bits
     At present, there are many kinds of drill bits used in the oil industry, and the drill bits are classified according to different drilling methods, which can be divided into diamond bit, cone bit and scraper bit, the three kinds of drill bits are the most basic bit form. Among the three kinds of drill bits, the most widespread and widely used in oil drilling is the cone bit, which has a deep application degree. Drill Bits
    Comparing the three kinds of drill bits, the smallest one is the blade bit. This paper mainly introduces the diamond bit and the roller bit. Cutting edge is diamond material drilling tool is the diamond bit, diamond bit of the main advantage is to be able to adapt to higher grinding, geological hard strata, cutting performance is also relatively good. Has a very significant advantage in high-speed drilling.Drill Bits
    From the research and application of the drill bit manufacturers and research institutes in the study of the retaining diameter structure of the three-cone bit, it can be seen that it is gradually realized that the retaining diameter structure has a great influence on the drill speed and life span, especially in directional and horizontal wells, and the new drill bit retaining diameter structure has achieved good results in the application of cone bit. Drill Bits
    The bit retaining diameter structure is developed from the passive diameter to the active maintenance path, the retaining diameter material develops from the low wear resistant material to the high wear-resisting composite, the bit retaining diameter structure and the material improvement greatly improve the bit performance, and further improve the drill speed and the life of the bit.Drill Bits