Influencing Factors Of Wood Saw Blade

   What is the difference between 1:40 teeth and 60 teeth?Wood Saw Blade

40 teeth due to the small friction, will be effort, the sound will be small, but 60 teeth cut more smooth. General carpentry with 40 teeth. The price is the same, haha. To sound small, with a little thick, but thin quality better. The more the number of teeth, the more smooth the section of the saw, if your machine is stable, then the sound will be smaller

   Such as 2:30 tooth cutting wood saw blade and 40 teeth cutting wood saw blade What is the difference?

Mainly: 1 cutting speed is different. 2 gloss is different. 3 The angle of the saw blade itself is different. 4 saw blade body hardness, flatness, end jump and other requirements are also different. In addition to the speed of the machine, and timber feed speed also has some requirements. 6 There is a great deal about the precision of the equipment that makes the saw blade. 7 'cut waist' now this is the most difficult.

   Another: alloy saw blade why open?Wood Saw Blade

To prevent folder saw blade;

Increase friction.

   Such as 3: multi-tooth with less teeth cut wood saw blade What is the difference?Wood Saw Blade

The number of teeth, in general, the more the number of teeth in the unit time cutting the edge of the more cutting performance, the better the number of cutting teeth, the number of cutting teeth need to use more carbide, saw the price is high, but too close The amount of chips between the teeth smaller, easy to cause the blade fever; the other too much sawtooth, when the feed with the improper, then the amount of each tooth cut very little, will increase the edge of the workpiece and the friction, affecting the blade life The Usually tooth spacing at 15-25mm, should be based on sawing the material to choose a reasonable number of teeth.

   In summary: the teeth of the cut surface is not as good as the teeth of the smooth surface, the price of teeth less than the teeth of the cheaper, less teeth than the teeth are more easy to burn saw blade, if it is more than a small saw blade, If it is plywood, you must use the teeth to reduce the collapse.