Introduction Of Mechanical Properties Of Steel Hex Drill Bit

When using high speed steel bit, if the cutting edge (top corners, transverse blade, front corner, back angle, etc.) is used without any sharpening, or without purpose or requirement, it is unreasonable to use.Steel Hex Drill Bit

To make the best use of the material, we must make different grinding of the bit according to the different properties of the processed materials, so that the bit can really play its due effect. Before the drill bit sharpening, it is necessary to understand the structure of the drill bit and the characteristics of the material and the contradiction between the two, to understand the problems arising in the borehole, so that the sharpening can be targeted to solve the problem.Steel Hex Drill Bit

Enlarge the rear corner appropriately. The rear corner of the outer blade adopts 13°~16° to reduce friction and improve the bit life. Drilling to increase the feed, and the appropriate reduction of cutting speed, rather than the use of high speed small feed. If using coolant, must not intermittent use, at the same time flow should be appropriate, otherwise, the amount of small and intermittent will cause the local hardening of the hole, and powder chip grinding edge will also accelerate the bit wear. High-strength steel as tool steel, carburizing steel, spring steel, bearing steel, heat-resisting heat, etc. When drilling, the cutting edge of the bit is fast and the life is short.Steel Hex Drill Bit

Stainless steel-General for Martensite, Ferrite and austenitic, such as three types of stainless steel. Martensitic stainless steel can resist atmospheric corrosion and has good mechanical properties, which can improve the cutting performance if the hardness is higher than 30HRC, the bit wear is faster. The chromium content of ferritic stainless steel is higher than that of martensitic stainless steel, so the heat treatment cannot be strengthened and its cutting performance is worse than that of martensitic stainless steel. Steel Hex Drill Bit

The mechanical strength of austenitic stainless steels is similar to that of carbon steel, and its plasticity, toughness is high, in cutting the load is very big, the processing hardening phenomenon is serious, the thermal conductivity is poor, the cutting heat concentrates at the drill edge, in the cutting process is easy to produce the chip tumour, and its organization contains a small amount of titanium carbide, causes the drill bit to wear quickly.Steel Hex Drill Bit