Kind Of Drill

  1. The drill bit types and specifications is a rotating cutting head has the ability to end a tool, generally carbon steel SK, or high speed steel SKH2, SKH3 other materials by milling or roll to roll and then by quenching and heat treatment after grinding from the system, for metal drilling or other material of which the use of a very wide range, can be applied to the use of the drilling machine, lathes, milling machines, hand drills and other machine tools.

2. A.Classification by structure                                                                      (1) integral drill: The drill top drill body shank made of the same material as a whole.

   (2) The end welded drill, drill bits welded carbide from the top

   B.Classified by drilling tenon

(1) straight shank drill: drill diameter in ψ13.0mm below are a straight shank (2) taper shank drill bit: drill shank of a tapered shape, which generally are used taper Morse taper.

   C.By use classification

(1) the center drill: generally used for pre-drilling center to play with, there are the tip cone 60 °, 75 °, 90 °, etc., used to work at the lathe tailstock support, support should be 60 ° center drill and lathe . 60 ° tailstock top center cooperates (2) twist drill: a drill most widely used for the industrial manufacturing, we generally use is the twist drill (3) cemented carbide drill: the drill tip or all of the body to prepare a cemented carbide tool material, used in the drilling of the workpiece (4) drill hole: the drill hole itself prescribe, cutting fluid through this hole reach the cut edge part, to take away the heat and chips to use this work was rotating drill ships, and stationary drill (5) drill hole: the first for the guarantee of stone barrel and drilling, also known as barrel drill. Deep drill a straight groove, cut a quarter of a pipe in the middle part of the chip to produce a cutting edge (6) Drill Reamer: For a large number of production needs, the front end of the drill, the back end for reamer, reamer margin drill diameter and the diameter're just reaming allowance, but also to drill tapping screw used in combination, it is also known mixing drill (7) taper drill: when processing mold inlet may use taper drills (8) cylindrical hole drill: we called Shen-cutter, drill such a front end portion of the smaller diameter rod called a channel (9) cone drill hole: the drill hole of the cone with its front end has an angle 90 °, 60 °, and other, we use bevel knives cone drill holes is one (10) triangle drill: one kind of drill bit used, its shank made of triangles of the surface, so that the cartridge can be securely fixed to the drill bit