Laser Welding Of Drill Bits

               Diamond coring bits not only have an important position in geological prospecting, but also are widely used in marble, granite and reinforced concrete wall holes because of their unique advantages such as fast drilling speed, small loss of stone material and no damage to surrounding environment. Diamond bit is a kind of composite sintering body which is formed by hot pressing of diamond and carcass material on the base of steel, which is often called the cutter head. The domestic bit is often connected by brazing method. The diamond coring bit has high shear strength and high temperature intensity due to its rapid speed and strong shock and vibration. Brazed bit cutters often fall off because of high speed drilling and heating.Drill Bits

                Therefore, from the late 80 on the development of laser welding instead of brazing, laser welding and brazing compared to the following advantages: Because the matrix and the tool head is metallurgical bonding, high strength, the knife head is not easy to fall off, especially in the absence of water; the weld is a fine homogeneous columnar crystal structure, it is not easy to produce cracks and ensure that the bit is not in danger of cracking during high speed drilling. Weld and heat affected area is very narrow, no effect on diamond, guarantee the best performance of the product, easy to realize automation, high efficiency, stable and reliable quality, And the average cost of the product is low.Drill Bits

                The structure of diamond coring bit. At present, the laser welding bit in foreign market is almost the same as that of laser welding saw, the market potential is great and the profit is relatively high. Because the tool head of diamond coring bit is powder metallurgy material, there is inevitably porosity, welding difficulty is large, the matrix and the knife head is dissimilar material welding, the knife head is thicker than the matrix, difficult double-sided welding, so compared to diamond circular saw blades to weld more difficult, the current domestic has not found this report. After hundreds of experiments and exploration, we have achieved better results, successfully solved the key technology, and now it has been applied in the actual production, the products are all exported and the user is well reflected.Drill Bits