Lens Classification Of Optical Lenses

Optical lens is a necessary part in machine vision system, which directly affects the quality of image, and affects the realization and effect of the algorithm. In addition, to choose the appropriate lens to reduce the cost of machine vision system is the only way to prosper industry. Optical lenses have a wide range of specifications, sometimes dizziness.Optical Lenses

The optical lens can be divided into short focal lens and Energizer lens from focal length. A telephoto lens, a wide angle, a standard, a telephoto lens, a fixed light frame focal lens, a manual light focal lens, an automatic focus lens, a manual zoom lens, an automatic zoom lens, an automatic aperture electric zoom lens, a three-variable electric (aperture, Focal length, focus is variable) lens. According to our experience, Russian optical lenses are cheap.Optical Lenses

The lens has only one adjustable focus adjustment ring, which rotates the ring so that the image can be clearest on the CCD target. No aperture adjustment ring, the aperture can not be adjusted, the flux into the lens can not be changed by changing the lens factor, can only be adjusted by changing the illumination of the field of view. The structure is simple and the price is cheap. To the full closure, can easily adapt to be photographed on-site illumination, aperture adjustment is done manually by manual. The illumination is more uniform and the price is cheaper.Optical Lenses

CCD target surface generated by the corresponding changes in the charge, so that the video signal level changes, resulting in a control signal to the automatic aperture lens, so that the camera inside the motor to do the corresponding forward or reverse rotation, to complete the task of resizing. When the camera installation position is fixed, it is inconvenient to manually adjust the zoom frequently. As a result, the focal length of the manual zoom lens is rarely adjusted when the project is completed. Only play the role of fixed-focus lens.Optical Lenses