Applications: M2(6542) is suitable for produce in high quality cutting tools,such as hob ,knife ,and milling cutter.M2 is suitable for produce in common cutting tools with good wear resistance,also suitable for cold-forming tools.M2 is suitable for produce common tools.


Characteristic: It is typical steel grade of w-Mo current HSS ,with high toughness,good thermal plasticity,high hardness,as well as red hardness and hot hardness.


Chemiacl Composition:(%)  C:0.88  W:6.15 Mo:4.85 Cr:4.05  V:1.85


Delivery status: Soft annealed max.255HB


Heat Treatment:

Hardening Temperature:1180-1220℃

Quenching Medium:oil&salt bath

Tempering Temperature:540-560℃

Tempering Times:3 times

Tempering Hardness:63-65HRC