Applications: This kind steel is suitable for conditions involving thermal stresses and discontinuous cutting.Heavy-duty milling cutters of all kinds,gear cutter,highly stressed twist drills and taps,profile knives,machining for high-strength material,broaches.


Characteristic: It is one the W-Mo Co HSS grade with good cutting character .The red hardness ,hot hardness and wearing resistance are all better than W6Mo5Cr4V2


Chemiacl Composition:(%)  C:0.91  W:6.30 Mo:4.95  Cr:4.15  V:1.90 Co:5.0  Mn:0.30  Si:0.35   P≤0.03   S≤0.02


Delivery status: Soft annealed max.270HB


Heat Treatment:

Hardening Temperature:1180-1220℃

Quenching Medium:oil&salt bath

Tempering Temperature:540-560℃

Tempering Times:3 times

Tempering Hardness:64-67HRC