Applications: This kind steel is suitable for tools subject to server mechanical wear particularly suitable for die sinking cutters,Band Saw milling cutters and components of engraving machines including gravers as well as tool bits in automatic lathes.Also suitable for non-cutting shaping.


Characteristic: It is one of the typical superhard Co HSS,with  high hardness and hot hardness,high red hardness and good wear resistance.


Chemiacl Composition:(%)  C:1.10   W:1.50  Mo:9.50  Cr:3.875  V:1.15  Co:8.0  Mn:0.27   Si:0.40   P≤0.03   S≤0.02


Delivery status: Soft annealed max.270HB


Heat Treatment:

Hardening Temperature:1160-1180℃

Quenching Medium:oil&salt bath

Tempering Temperature:530-560℃

Tempering Times:3 times

Tempering Hardness:66-69HRC