Machining Techniques Of Drill Bits

Slowly lifting the bit box body, the drill box body four legs corresponding to the rig turntable four holes, according to the bit specification, the Drill box core board is selected, the Drill box core board is put into the drill box body and then the bit groove which will be installed is corresponding to the convex point of the bit box core plate, the bit is placed in the drill box, and the drill bit is placed in the turntable heart. Then rotate the drill bit to connect the NUT drill pipe.Drill Bits

The length of the drill is 3 times times, 5 times times and 7 times times the diameter. The groove type of the compound drill is straight trough, with penetrating cooling hole, the length is 3 times times, 5 times times, 7 times times and 12 times times of diameter respectively. AMS Parabolic drill Core has inverted cone to facilitate the discharge of chip. The 3-groove bit with through cooling hole is suitable for cutting the material with shorter chip.Drill Bits

After several years of processing practice, we have accumulated some experience on the use of parabolic drills (especially drill-tip grinding). After the parabola bit is sharpened, its transverse blade is still longer, which needs to be repaired to exert its characteristics. The cross grinding method is usually used, the transverse blade length of the grinding is 0.3~0.9mm, transverse blade front corner 3°~8°. Top-end grinding should be processed according to the material and determined, processing of cast iron workpiece at the top of the 110°, processing of aluminum alloy workpiece when the top corner of the 118°, processing steel pieces when the angle is 130 °.Drill Bits

Four-hole Shank hollow bit: The main handle of the insurance ring clockwise in place, the handle end directly inserted and a small range of rotation until the ball into the round hole can be. Feed speed: Feed speed is generally based on experience, from the numerical point of General 0.08-0 12mm/, or 0. $number. 0mm/seconds, feed speed is a key element in drilling, different feeds can form different iron filings,Drill Bits 

Different filings can make a difference in the performance of the chip. Positioning: In the center of the position where drilling is needed, make a positioning point or use the "ten" word line to ensure the accuracy of the drilling position. Note that when using the center chisel to locate the point, please ensure that the center chisel perpendicular to the workpiece surface, so as not to affect the smooth discharge of cutting material core.Drill Bits