Material Introduction Of Carbon Drill Bit

High Manganese steel is a kind of wear-resisting steels, which can be obtained high ductility and impact toughness through water toughening. The high manganese steel has the good abrasion resistance, although its hardness only HB210, but its yield point σs is lower, only σb 40%, therefore has the high plasticity and the toughness. High manganese steel in the external pressure and impact load, will produce a lot of plastic deformation or serious processing hardening phenomenon, a sharp hardening of steels, hardness significantly improved, can reach hb450~550, so have a higher wear resistance.Carbon Drill Bit

The processing hardening is serious: high manganese steel in the cutting process, due to the plastic deformation, austenite microstructure is transformed into fine grain martensite structure, resulting in serious hardening phenomenon. Before processing, the hardness is generally hb200~220, the surface hardness can reach hb450~550, hardened layer depth of 0.1~0.3mm, its degree of hardening and depth than 45th steel several times higher. The serious machining hardening makes the cutting force increase, increases the tool wear, and also easily causes the tool to collapse the blade to damage.Carbon Drill Bit

High manganese steel is difficult to process materials, and the requirements of tool materials are higher. In general, the requirements of material red rigid high, good wear resistance, high strength, toughness and thermal conductivity. High-speed steel is a kind of high alloy tool steel. Can withstand cutting temperature 500~600c, the current processing of high manganese steel is not competent, generally used to make non-standard bit use. When machining high manganese steel with cemented carbide tools, generally used for small parts processing (large-scale high manganese steel parts of the use of Non-metallic adhesives for the CBN Cutter brand more appropriate), according to statistics, when the high manganese steel parts of the processing time is less than 5min, the choice of cemented carbide tools, roughing can be used to impact toughness better YG series grades.Carbon Drill Bit

Cutting high manganese steel, whichever tool material is selected, the cutting amount of the tool is basically according to the following principles: roughing, should be as far as possible to ensure higher metal removal rate and the necessary tool durability, it is generally preferred to select as large as possible the cutting depth of the AP, and then select a larger feed F, and finally according to the Determine the appropriate cutting speed. Finishing process, the first to ensure the workpiece machining accuracy and surface quality requirements, it is generally selected smaller feed f and cutting depth AP, and as far as possible to choose a higher cutting speed υc.Carbon Drill Bit