New Drill Bit

   Currently. Facing the increasingly complex drilling environment and the continuous development of drilling technology, the major major bit manufacturers have introduced a unique new bit products, drill design and manufacturing technology is developing rapidly and robust. Other high interest drilling environments have significantly improved drilling economics.

  New motor drilling bits. Making it work longer underground, this bit seal reliability, cutting structure durability and configurable hydraulic system improvements. So that drilling operators are more confident to use it for longer directional wells. The new type of cone of the drill bit in the use of water-based mud can be a good way to prevent the drill bit and mud tank, with the ideal maneuverable characteristics, and can be applied to a variety of eye expansion equipment. All of these features make this drill the most suitable drilling tool for drilling high-end applications. And a large number of blunt drills were tested to determine the conditions that could limit the life of the drill / bearing.Drill Bits

    The improvements made on this basis include a new type of single-energized metal seal structure (SEMII) that improves the reliability of the bearings at a large level, and the company conducts extensive analysis of field drilling data. High-speed motor drilling process. New SEMII metal seal structure with a wider metal sealing surface, improve the sealing capacity of 20% This bearing also uses a proprietary wear-resistant appearance to reduce the friction coefficient.In addition, this seal The structure of the redesigned seal geometry also improves the sealing efficiency.Drill Bits

    There are three major improvements that enable the MXL three cone bits to achieve a wider range of structures, cutting the structure. Which can achieve better durability and higher rigidity in more applications. Can effectively improve the wear resistance, these improvements include a new type of carbide grades. To better apply to a variety of specific drilling applications; innovative cone protection teeth, which can maintain the tooth plate steel material from the erosion of cuttings, which not only ensure the integrity of the cutting structure, and not The drilling speed of the drill bit. The MXL drill bits have several different hydraulic structures that allow them to be optimized for a variety of specific applications.Drill Bits

    Drill bit hydraulic structure. The drilling fluid is directed between the flanges and towards the corner area of the borehole wall. One is to regulate the hydraulic structure. This configuration is for specification of nozzle configuration. The main hydraulic energy is concentrated in the cutting structure of the drill bit. The other for the No. 23 nozzle bias type. The main purpose of this structure of the nozzle is to clean the outer teeth of the teeth and its vicinity and flush the opposite side of the cone. And can produce very high turbulent energy at the bottom of the well.

   There is also a hydraulic structure is multi-row cleaning type. This structure can clean the rows of teeth on the cone. The excellent performance of the drill bit has been confirmed in the field. One of these new drill bits has replaced 2 to 3 gauge steel bits, and the drilling process doubles the footage. In another application, three of the new technology-containing drill bits replaced five conventional steel drill bits, increasing the penetration rate and reducing the number of drills.