Rigidity Of Carbide Drill Bit

     The interlocking V-groove adjoining mechanism between the drill body and the cemented carbide crown is locked together to ensure that the bit assembly has the same dimension precision and overall rigidity as the welding type carbide bit. At the same time, this locking mechanism only has a unique cut-and-match position, so that the Crown can be easily installed on the matching rod, so as to ensure the change of the tooth crown repeatedly positioning accuracy.Carbide Drill Bit
     When the clamping rod is tightened through the process locking screw, the Crown/drill body assembly is tightly locked and its adjacent stiffness is sufficient for mengjin and high rotational speed across the production rate hole processing requirements. When considering the cost per hole, the total life of the bit should also be counted. Carbide Drill Bit
     Generally speaking, a solid carbide drill can only be $number times, a welding carbide bit can only be $number times, and can change the cemented carbide crown bit in the processing of steel, its steel drill body can be changed at least the tooth crown $number Times.Carbide Drill Bit
    The welded carbide drill is made of a smooth welding of a cemented carbide crown on a steel drilling body. This kind of bit adopts the self centering Geometry edge type, the cutting force is small, to the big all workpiece material all may realize the fine mining chip control, the processing hole profile smoothness is good, the size accuracy and the localization precision are very high, no longer need to carry on the follow-up finishing. The drill bit adopts inner cooling method, which can be used in machining center, CNC lathe or other high rigidity and high speed machine.Carbide Drill Bit
    Cemented carbide drills are divided into four basic types: monolithic cemented carbide bits, carbide indexable inserts, welded carbide bits and indexable carbide-tipped bits. Each bit has the benefit of a particular processing premise. The cemented carbide bit is broken by the impact load of the drilling pressure and the rotation of the rock. Carbide Drill Bit
    In rock drilling, the drill bit undergoes high frequency impact load and is subjected to many kinds of composite stresses, such as torsion, bending, stretching and compression, which withstand the abrasion and corrosion of rock, rock powder and mineral water in the environment of high speed rotary collision.Carbide Drill Bit