Saw Blade Cuts Received Average Monthly Worker Hospitals 10

Yesterday, members of the public, Lu from Hanyang hospitals go through the discharge formalities. On the afternoon of the day before yesterday, he confronted with hard objects in work with a chainsaw, chainsaw saw blade suddenly flew up, his left hand was spinning saw blades cut hospital admissions. Introduction according to the hospital, and their average monthly total 10 chainsaw injury cases.

Public, Lu worked in Hanyang, a handicraft processing shop. The day before yesterday at 2 o'clock in the afternoon, when he used the chainsaw crafts table, like hit a hard object. "The ' dip ', saw blade suddenly fly out, I haven't had time to react, spinner blade is cut my left hand. "Mr LU said he immediately went to a hospital of Hanyang.

Hospital says, examines 10 cases per month on average in the hospital the "chainsaw injury" case. Doctors advise: workers should strengthen safety consciousness, work wear protective glasses, and keep the safety distance.