Selection Of Drill Bits And Application Of Industry

    Drill bit is the main component of drilling equipment, its main role is to break the rock, the formation of wellbore. Rotary drill bit is currently used in the oil industry drill, driven by the mechanical rotation of the drill will produce rotation, which led to the entire drill to produce centripetal movement, and through the invasion, grinding to crack the rock.Drill Bits

    Marks and broken, play the role of drilling down. Drill bit is one of the main drilling equipment, according to the working environment, the geographical environment of different drill bit size, shape should also be different, in the oil drilling work, should be specific needs, specific design basis, Scientifically select the drill bit. In the specific drilling work in the scientific selection of drill bits, a reasonable determination of drilling fluid, thereby enhancing the efficiency of oil drilling, work quality, in order to make oil drilling better play their own value, to promote the development of the oil industry to make some contribution.Drill Bits

    At present, there are many kinds of drill bits used in the petroleum industry. The drill bits are classified according to different drilling methods. They can be divided into diamond bits, roller bits and scraper bits. These three kinds of drill bits are the most basic drill bits. Among the three drill bits, the most common and widely used in oil drilling work is the cone bit, and its application is also deeper. The three drill bits are compared, the smallest use of a drill bit is a scraper drill.Drill Bits

    The development and application of PDC bit for oil and natural gas drilling have gone through a long period of time. The impact resistance of early PDC is not high, there is a layering phenomenon, and there are problems in the design and manufacture of drill bit and the risk of oil and natural gas drilling, Occupy a large share of the drilling market, cone roller drill manufacturers performance is not so positive, so PDC drill bit R & D and application encountered greater difficulties and resistance.Drill Bits