Self-made Alloy Drill Bits

There are four solid carbide drill bits: super drill, compound drill, AMS parabolic drill, 3 slot 5XD drill and so on. Super drill bit for the two slots (spiral groove), 30 ° helix angle, coated with aluminum and aluminum coating. The length of the drill bit is 3 times the diameter, 5 times and 7 times. The grooved groove is a straight groove with a through hole, which is 3 times, 5 times, 7 times and 12 times of diameter. AMS parabolic drill bit with inverted cone, easy to chip discharge. 3-slot drills with through-cooling holes are suitable for processing chips with shorter chips.Drill Bits

Sometimes for the quenching of the fire parts of the mechanical parts of the few, but often encountered in the work, such as: stamping die break in the hexagonal screw, or the rear wheel of the car Spring, etc., its hardness up to 45HRC or so, the general drill bit out of the difficulties, and now the right carbide drill bit can not buy, here introduced a simple homemade carbide drill bit method.Drill Bits

If you can find less than 2mm carbide blade, such as the car with a thin cut off the blade, if the divergence is appropriate, can be used in general carbide cutting machine with a wire cutter cutting out the appropriate use of the blade, and then according to the pattern of welding On the corresponding round bar, the drill pipe is the smallest, such as a drill hole, at least as large as the aperture. After manual grinding can generally be used. If the drilling diameter is required to be accurate, the machine can be used (tool grinder), and then hand-grinding the cutting geometry and chip flute. And drill apex slightly smaller than the average drill bit is appropriate, to repair a small cross blade, so easy to hollow hole when drilling to prevent the swing.Drill Bits

Such drills are only suitable for drilling holes that are not deep in depth. For example, the hexagonal screw broken in the hole, the drill diameter can be ground slightly smaller than the screw diameter can be, and to drill off the M10 broken screw, can be ground to Ø7.8 ~ Ø8 can be a. Drilling can use the highest speed can also use the general speed. Just can not drill for a long time, to continue to drill down the chip: drill pipe appropriate cooling, to prevent the oxygen due to high temperature and the blade off.Drill Bits