Step Drill

 Product Information

  All step drill bits have split point and come in two different material.

  The split point reduces "Wlaking" which is the tendency of a spining bit to rotate away form the point at which you want to drill.

  Because CBN(cubical boron nitride) is a much harder abrasive than even silicon carbide or corundum,a better and sharper cutting edge is achieved without burrs.

  Beacuse of this higher dimensional precision ,the drill bits will last considerably longer while maintaining precise process tolerances.

  The high speed steel allow the bit to cut faster than high carbon steel.At room temperature.Hss and hith carbon steel have an equivalent hardness;Hss and high carbon steel have an equivalent hardness ;At elevated temperatures Hss become advantageous.



  CBN-ground flutes without burrs mean a superior cutting edge and longer tool life.

  Each step has a radially adjusted relief produced by CBN grinding ,relating directly to the diameter of the step ,so the cutting edge is always the highest point of the dameter.

  The cutting edge of each step has relief angle meaning the cutting edge is also the highest in advance direction.



For hard materials

Ectended serrice lives

Higher cutting speed 

Higher tool life 

Temperature resistance up to 600℃

Surface treatment Ca. 2.5 HV

Layer Thichnessup to 2 μm

Reduces Cold weldings


For particularly hard material


Outstanding service lives

Highest cutting speeds

Optimized tool life

Surface treatment ca.3.500HV

Layer Thickness upto μm

Reduces cold weldings

Temperature resistant up to 800℃,cooling not necessary.


Sheet metal working in electrical,sanitary engineering ,heating technologies,automotive .mechanical enginerring,switching systems and ariation.

Non-ferrous metal ,steel ,stainless steel .thermoplastics,duroplastics,sheet metals up 1.16"(8 ga)thick.

Center spot-drill bore and debur -all in one operation.