Suggestion And Reason Of Wood Cutting Blade

    Professional production, operating carbide circular saw blades, the enterprise since its inception, has been based on a high starting point, high-efficiency, high-quality Three principles, committed to research and development, production of the world's advanced products, is the leading tool technology enterprises. In order to meet the increasingly high technical requirements at home and abroad, in 96 the introduction of a full set of advanced production lines and production technology, the use of imported raw materials manufacturing all kinds of carbide circular saw blades, with international leading technology, sophisticated detection means, products fully in line with international standards. The production of high-quality circular saw blades with precise cutting size, smooth surface, high efficiency, long service life, impact resistance and so on. Widely used in wood, wood-based panels, plastic and aluminum alloy profile cutting, is the ideal professional tool, by domestic and foreign new and old customers favor.Wood Cutting Blade
   Multi-slice saw is a plurality of saw blades after the machine processing, and the monolithic saw is a single saw blade operation, the single work saw blade general request is not very high, real-time quality is slightly worse than the impact of a little bit, and many saws are not the same, the requirements of the saw blade is relatively high, any use of multiple saws generally require more wood, saw small, saw Pu, smooth finish higher characteristics. 1, basic data: Shan machine spindle speed, Shan machining workpiece thickness and material, Shan knife outside diameter size and aperture (shaft diameter); 2, select the basis: by the spindle rotation and the matching saw blade outside diameter calculation, cutting speed: Vaniax OD dx transfer N 60 (m/s) reasonable cutting speed generally at 60-90 m/s
Specific recommendations: Material cutting speed, cork 60-90 (M/s), hardwood 50-70 (M/s), particleboard, plywood 60-80 (m/s) cutting speed is too large, machine tool vibration, large voice, saw blade stability reduced, processing quality decline, cutting speed is too small, production efficiency is reduced. The same feeding speed, each tooth cutting volume increase, affecting the processing quality and knife life. Because the blade diameter d and the spindle speed N are power function relations, in the practical application, the reasonable enhancement speed, reduces the saw blade diameter most economical. 3, the quality of price ratio: the saying goes: "Cheap not good goods, good goods are not cheap", for other commodities may be true, but the tool for the tool is not enough; The key is to match. Many factors on the job site: such as equipment sawing objects, quality requirements, personnel quality. Conduct a comprehensive assessment, rationally choose the use of the right, just right, to save money, reduce costs, participate in the industry competition. This depends on the mastery of professional knowledge and information about similar products. 5. Knife head Breakage Wood Cutting Blade
   Reason: The knife-head binder is too hard; Solution: According to the cut material select the use of a soft binder saw blades; 6. Knife head Wear too fast reason: the knife-head binder is too soft (for the cut material), the cooling water quantity is insufficient, because the drive belt is loose or the power is low or the improper speed is insufficient; The saw blade is not perpendicular to the cut material. Solution: According to the cut material select the use of hard binder saw blades, check the cooling water system to ensure the normal operation of the pump, ensure the supply voltage, check the spindle flange, to ensure that saw blades and equipment verticality; 7. Reason for loss of the knife head: During the cutting process, the cutter head is twisted off by cutting material sliding; the flange wear can not be fixed saw blades, resulting in distortion of the saw blade; the saw blade is subjected to a large impact caused by the loss of a circular blade;Wood Cutting Blade