The Market And Application Of Carbide Drill Bit

    Cemented carbide is mainly composed of tungsten carbide, cobalt, etc., hardness is relatively high in general in the HRC90 degree above, in the batch processing and hard to process the situation is more applicable! Now on the market, the alloy bit is generally tungsten steel quality of the whole bit, although the same material, but due to the reasons for processing technology, the product quality of the different brands vary widely. The imported and homemade alloy drills are also very different.Carbide Drill Bit
    The imported alloy bits are generally used VHM micro-grain hard alloy (ISO K40), ultrafine particle type (0. Ne Micro; m) in the application of high performance bit and common milling machine, the hardness and toughness are ideally combined. High-quality alloy bit surface will take the coating treatment, such as aluminum nitride chromium (ALCRN) coating, the coating for single-layer coating, thickness 4, micro-hardness up to 3200HV, 0.35 friction coefficient, thermal stability of 1100 degrees Celsius. The color of the bit is bluish gray after coating. After coating, the alloy bit can process low alloy steel and high strength steels. High hardness steel can reach 54HRC. The cemented carbide bit is broken by the impact load of the drilling pressure and the rotation of the rock. In rock drilling, the drill bit undergoes high frequency impact load and is subjected to many kinds of composite stresses, such as torsion, bending, stretching and compression, which withstand the abrasion and corrosion of rock, rock powder and mineral water in the environment of high speed rotary collision.Carbide Drill Bit
   The roller bits used at home and abroad are more than three cone bits. The characteristics of the drill are as follows: the axial pressure and impact load distribution range is large and uniform, and can make full use of effective space, drilling smoothly. The size and shape of the cemented carbide teeth for the cone bit must be applied to the characteristics of the rock, requiring good abrasion resistance, high strength, and not easy fragmentation and breakage. The cemented carbide teeth used by the cone bit are mainly: spherical teeth, conical ball teeth, wedge-shaped teeth, side wedge teeth and flat teeth for wheel backs and claw tips.
   The welded carbide drill is made of a smooth welding of a cemented carbide crown on a steel drill. This kind of bit adopts the self centering Geometry edge type, the cutting force is small, to the big all workpiece material all may realize the fine mining chip control, the processing hole profile smoothness is good, the size accuracy and the localization precision are very high, no longer need to carry on the follow-up finishing. The drill bit adopts inner cooling method, which can be used in machining center, CNC lathe or other high rigidity and high speed machine.Carbide Drill Bit