The Performance Of Drill Bits

     The composite cone bit is mainly used in the drill pile bedrock drilling of bridges and high-rise buildings, and users all over the country more than 30 provinces and cities of geological prospecting, railways, water Conservancy, construction and other systems, by the vast number of users trust. Scope of use: The combined cone bit is suitable for drilling of cast-in-place pile bedrock, well and ventilation hole, and adapts to the formation of strong, medium and gentle rock and gravel, such as granite, gneiss, sandstone, limestone and shale.Drill Bits

     The combination of roller bit has the following characteristics: the use of hydraulic principle to clear the sediment of the bottom of the hole, the domestic first dual-fulcrum teeth wheel, the palm back wear-resistant mechanism, the unique and reasonable distribution of the tooth wheel, the protection of the cylinder to further enhance the stability of the bit, and prolong the The composite roller bit has the following properties: sharpness, abrasion resistance, firmness, stability, slagging and self-cleaning, safety.Drill Bits

     The drill bit is installed slowly to lift the bit box body, the drill box body four legs corresponding to the rig turntable in four holes, according to the bit specification, the Drill box core board is selected, the Drill box core board is put into the drill box body and then the drill groove which will be installed corresponds to the convex tip of the bit box core plate, and the bit is placed in the drill box. The bit is the card on the turntable's heart. Then rotate the drill bit to connect the NUT drill pipe.Drill Bits

    The drill bit is removed from the drill pipe (with a bit), and the drill box body, such as the ① bar, is connected with the turntable, and the drill rod is slow to correspond with the convex tip of the bit box core plate, the bit is stuck in the drill box, and the drill pipe and the drill bit are.Drill Bits

    A tool for drilling through holes or blind holes in solid materials and for enlarging holes in existing holes. The commonly used drills include twist drills, flat drills, center drills, deep hole drills and casing drills. Reaming drills and drills may not be drilled on solid materials, but they are also used as drills. Usually the diameter range is 0.80°c mm. It is mainly composed of working part and handle part. The work part has two spiral groove, resembles the twist, thus the name. In order to reduce the friction between the guide part and the hole wall in the borehole, the taper of the twist drill is gradually reduced by the direction of the shank.Drill Bits