The Practical Effect Of Drill Bits

A drill is a tool used to drill through holes or blind holes in solid material and to expand holes in existing holes. The commonly used drills include twist drills, flat drills, center drills, deep hole drills and casing drills. Reaming drills and drills may not be drilled on solid materials, but they are also used as drills.Drill Bits

Drill bit is a kind of drilling operation on concrete, which can reduce the sudden change of drilling state, make the drilling operation stable, even in the production of large particles of chip, drilling efficiency will not reduce the bit. The drill bit is roughly radiant in configuration, with at least 2 main cutting edges, and a circumferential direction arranged between the main cutting edge and the main cutting edge part, at least two vice cutting edges, wherein the main cutting edge has a main cutting edge as its cutting edge, the inner end of the main cutting blade is located in the center of rotation, and the outer end is located at the outer edge of the rotary track of the cutting edge;Drill Bits The vice cutting edge is provided with a side cut blade which is positioned outside the rotating center of the outer diameter, and the outer end is positioned at the outer edge of the rotation trajectory of the cutting edge at the center side of the rotation. A drill bit having a plurality of cutting edges arranged at the front end of the bit, and a shaft-type bit body formed on the base end side of the cutting edge and forming a shank part on the basal end; The cutting edge is provided with a cutting blade formed by the joint edge of the cutting surface and the back gap surface to the front end side, and the cutting blade is arranged in a roughly radiant shape from the side of the rotary center of the bit to the outer diameter side.Drill Bits

On any section along the tool bar, the discharge groove is positioned in the Yu Ping surface at each other radially relative, and the tube plane and the common blade plane (f) of the two-edged belt on each side of the tube are 90° extended, and the cutter rod has the maximum rigidity in the plane. The orientation of the second plane (e) of the center cutting blade is approximately the 90° angle of the main rigid direction (f) of the edge plane or the bottom of the cutter rod. Includes a tool rod (1) with a tip, and a cutting blade (5, 5′) at the tip of two at a main plane (c), wherein the cutting blade (5, 5′) has a short center cutting blade that is oriented on a common second plane (e). The blade forms a point center cutting blade used to enter the workpiece and thus the drill pair. On the cutter rod, two chip slots (6, 6′) are arranged, and the drain Groove (6, 6′) extends from the tip of the end.Drill Bits