Types Of Drill Bits

      Electric Hammer is a kind of drill, mainly used to drill holes in concrete, floor slab, brick wall and stone. The electric hammer has higher opening efficiency in the above materials, but it cannot open holes on the metal. Electric drill is the use of electrical power drilling tools, it is a conventional power tool products, but also the greatest demand for electric tools products. So, what is the difference between an electric hammer bit and a drill bit, as a common drilling tool? The drill bit is generally equal in diameter, and the diameter of the hard alloy of the head of the electric hammer bit is slightly larger than the diameter of the drill body, and there are various shapes, such as square, triangle, spiral shape, etc.Drill Bits
     The center of the head of the electric hammer bit is inlaid with flaky cemented carbide, and the drill bit is made of high speed steel. The alloy bit is generally refers to the cemented carbide bit, the integral type, the welding type, the indexable blade type and the exchangeable head. Cemented carbide is mainly composed of tungsten carbide, cobalt, etc., hardness is relatively high in general in the HRC90 degree above, in the batch processing and hard to process the situation is more applicable! The cutting edge of an electric drill is used to cut metal, with a certain angle, a slope, and a sharp edge, while the electric hammer bit has no edge, and the two sides are only chamfer.Drill Bits
     The carbide cutting tool with a sharp edge angle is continuously sharpened by rock strata during the drilling process, and the contact surface is increased, which needs to be repaired and sharpened again when used again, which is called sharpening drill bit. The large part of hard alloy bit which is drilled into soft to medium hard stratum in geologic drilling is this kind of sharpening drill bit. In hard and abrasive rock formations, the cutting tool is quickly sharpened, the drilling speed drops rapidly, and even the footage cannot be used, so it is not possible to use this type of drill.Drill Bits
    The so-called cemented carbide is a tungsten carbide powder as the matrix, cobalt powder as binder by pressure, sintering. Usually containing tungsten carbide 94%, containing cobalt 6%. Because of its high hardness, very wear-resistant, a certain strength, suitable for high-speed cutting. But the toughness is poor, very brittle, in order to improve the performance of cemented carbide, some use on the carbonized substrate chemical vapor deposition of a layer of $number micron of the Hard     Titanium carbide (TIC) or titanium nitride (TIN), so that it has a higher hardness. Some ion implantation technology, the titanium, nitrogen, and carbon injected into the matrix of a certain depth, not only improve the hardness and strength, and in the bit grinding when the injected ingredients can also be inland. In addition, a layer of diamond film is generated by physical method in the head of drill, which greatly improves the hardness and wear resistance of the bit.Drill Bits