Welding Method Of Carbon Drill Bit

The high speed steel twist drill is connected with the ordinary plain steel handle, is the dissimilar material welding, its main difficulty is the two kinds of material chemical composition, the mechanical performance is different, in the weld area easily produces the crack, after the experiment, takes some necessary measures, may successfully carry on the welding, carefully eliminates the welding place as well as the surrounding oil, the rust, the oxide and so on Until the pure metal is exposed. Grinding the joint with a grinding wheel into a 60-70 degree x symmetrical groove, leaving the blunt edge 2-3 mm, clearance 1.5-2 mm.Carbon Drill Bit In the high-speed steel twist drill part, in addition to the welding place all the asbestos, immersed in the oil basin, can be vertical, also can be inclined to put, oil basin should be stamped iron plate to prevent the droplet splash into the oil, causing grease splash. DC power supply Reverse or AC welding power supply can be. The use of thin electrode, small current, at the end of the bit surfacing a thin layer as a transition layer, the angle should be as small as possible to prevent the mother metal too much melt into the weld. The welding of the transition layer of welding and carbon steel welded pieces of the fixture fixed, straight, and then along the circumference of every 90 degrees of positioning welding, ARC-biased carbon steel side, as far as possible to reduce the high speed steel side of the deep penetration.Carbon Drill Bit The angle of the strip, should be appropriate, the arc should point to the carbon steel side, and the drill part of the axis of the angle of 25-35 degrees, and circumferential tangent 35-40 degrees angle. With low heat temperature welding, control the melting temperature of joints, welding electrodes should be stable and uniform movement, when the arc should be back to fill the arc pits, welding this weld, the total arc should be less than 1/3 of the welding carbon steel. After welding the Red hot state, quickly put the workpiece on the machine, slowly drilling in advance fixed on the workbench with the drill bit size similar to the steel, so that straightening, straightening process temperature should be higher than 400 ℃.Carbon Drill Bit