Wood Saw Blade In Use And Precautions

Have received good professional safety skills and technical training. Hold a certificate. The job is ready to accept the safety technical disclosure, and familiar with its contents. Check whether the woodworking machinery performance is good, carefully check whether the knife shaft is fixed, protective cover, braking devices, etc. are in perfect condition, saw blades, saw blades and other damage and cracks. Inspect the wood for iron nails, wire head or other hard sundries, and check whether the wood is decayed, twisted, split.Check the insulation of the wires and the contact points of each switch is good.Wood Saw Blade

Wear overalls, wearing hair caps, wear the necessary labor protection supplies, such as dust masks, goggles, ear protectors and so on. Operation should not wear gloves, the wood may be hurt by the foot of the work point, the author should wear anti-tie working shoes. Safety operating procedures, with sawing machine safety operation points. When the blade reaches the maximum speed, can feed, feed speed should be based on the material soft and hard and there are no knots, cracks and cutting material thickness, etc. to control the incoming material should pay attention to the observation of the saw mouth, into the saw to achieve stability and slow, not to force too fierce;Wood Saw Blade Sawing, to constantly observe the movement of the saw blades, such as saw Blade before and after the movement, the sound of broken and other abnormal phenomenon, to immediately stop, in case the saw blade broken injury. Operation, the hand and saw blades should be maintained a certain distance, its distance must not be less than 50 centimeters, and do not allow the hand stretched over the saw blade, in case of injury to the hand. When sawing, do not allow the edge saw cutting edge adjustment guide, saw blade operation, also do not allow the adjustment of sawing card, in order to prevent accidents.Wood Saw Blade When you send the wood back, you should pay attention to the position of the wood and saw blades so as to avoid the wood collision or the top stripping saw. Saw the phenomenon of clip saw in the cut, should be separated by the wood saw, do not regress, in order to prevent the blade off. When the surface of the table saw the path of wood and other blocking, the application of the stick stripping, when necessary downtime, must not be removed by hand, in case of injury.Wood Saw Blade